Monday, December 20, 2010

CR-48: Update 1

I used the CR-48 for a better part of my day. I did have to switch to my MacBook to work on some projects for the holidays. There was one very evident thing. The multi-touch track pad on the CR-48 is terrible. Some of this I did know, I have been able to right-click one time successfully when I tried. I am guessing this can be fixed with better driver support. I know the Linux synaptics driver is buggy. Movement of the mouse seems sensitive, but the multi-touch gestures are lacking. I didn't quite realize how bad until I went back to the Mac and the glass trackpad with very good multi-touch interface.
The second thing I have noticed is poor video playback. Sometimes the video doesn't buffer, sometimes it plays choppy then the video freezes and the audio continues to play. Sometimes the video and audio play but it is really choppy. I tested one video in Chrome for Snow Leopard and it played back fine.

More to come.

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