Monday, December 20, 2010

CR-48: Update 1

I used the CR-48 for a better part of my day. I did have to switch to my MacBook to work on some projects for the holidays. There was one very evident thing. The multi-touch track pad on the CR-48 is terrible. Some of this I did know, I have been able to right-click one time successfully when I tried. I am guessing this can be fixed with better driver support. I know the Linux synaptics driver is buggy. Movement of the mouse seems sensitive, but the multi-touch gestures are lacking. I didn't quite realize how bad until I went back to the Mac and the glass trackpad with very good multi-touch interface.
The second thing I have noticed is poor video playback. Sometimes the video doesn't buffer, sometimes it plays choppy then the video freezes and the audio continues to play. Sometimes the video and audio play but it is really choppy. I tested one video in Chrome for Snow Leopard and it played back fine.

More to come.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

CR-48: First Impressions

I recently got a CR-48. The hardware is excellent. Very nice sleek, keyboard is pretty nice. The track pad is a bit rough. It needs to be a bit more sensitive.

As for Chrome OS I am going to dive completely into the cloud experience over the next 2 weeks. A post my thoughts on this site.

To give a little background, I am a Unix Administrator and Mac user. I have an iPhone and iPad and very much think that is the wave of the future. Having said that I have family that is constantly looking for computers etc. I am hitting this with an open mind and seeing what value this notebook can provide. I have been around all sorts of computers for many years.

For my first impressions:
Given the lack of apps in the app store I don't see this yet as being useful for IT folks. I do, however, see this as being very useful for many of the PC users. There is some transition time for some folks but for the most part they can accomplish everything necessary with this device. For a device to travel with, this is a very suitable notebook. I do question why this isn't a tablet. I see the use case with this device much like that of my iPad. Yet my iPad has a better battery life (not by much). Plus I can put media content on it and not rely on network for delivery. I am excited to see what comes over the next couple years to make this a solid competitor.